Business Builder


3 programs to equip entrepreneurs with life and business  skills over 2 years .

Our programs include life skills training, business mentoring and coaching, and compelling incentives.

BUSINESS FLOW PROGRAM is for entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from networking and business support. 

BUSINESS HUB PROGRAM includes access to open-plan office space and business services at Philippi Village's Hub building.

CONTAINER WALK PROGRAM includes access to a modified shipping container used as business premises at Philippi Village's Container Walk.

Let us help you grow your business

Our Business Builder programs assist small and micro enterprises that can generate a minimum R1,500 monthly income and 30% annual growth rates. We aim to develop high-impact entrepreneurs that can grow their businesses, create jobs and act as role models in their communities.

For this purpose we use variety of effective tools:


To understand

personal choices 

To develop occupational intelligence

To practice

business planning

To gain

entrepreneurship values

What our clients say about our programs

30% increase in customers

Natasha started her hairdressing salon in 2013, in a container in a Philippi informal settlement area.  She has maintained 3 staff members, and has an additional person during summer months.

She joined the Container Walk Programme in January 2016,

and moved her salon to Philippi Village. Since then she has increased her customers by 30%. In preparation for summer, she increased her stock rather than taking the money for personal gain.


The biggest difference for Natasha is in her bookkeeping practices, profit margin and knowing how to handle customers. 

30% Sales Growth

Cuthbert started Kata Digital Electronix in 2013. His business offers repair services for computers, amplifiers, fridges and other electronic equipment. 


Since joining the CONTAINER WALK PROGRAM, he's learned costing & pricing, and the importance of financial management and record keeping.


He credits the Program for helping him focus on key income streams and target markets, and growing more customers. His sales increased by 30%.


"The training, coaching and mentoring have all been valuable in helping me plan ahead and run my business better."


In the next year he plans to market his business more effectively and to employ a receptionist and a technician to assist him.

15% increase in margin

Zendongala started his business in 2013, supplying beds to other shops. He joined the Container Walk Business Builder Program in January 2016.

Selling on average 25-30 beds per month, he has doubled his turnover, and employed 1 assistant. His financial management skills are enabling him to save, separate his business and personal finances, and keep track of his cashflow.


One of the biggest impacts for him has been to create

and implement systems in customer, stock and financial management.  

Confidence to Start a Business

Grace got her idea for a catering business in 2014 while working in a 5-star hotel's kitchen. Her dream is to be self-employed and promote healthy eating in her community.


After regular visits to the BUSINESS CENTRE, she started her business and then joined the _______________ PROGRAM.


She believes the Program helped her gain confidence in marketing herself to clients and suppliers, and to manage her business relationships.


"The coaching is very effective and has given me a strong personal foundation for becoming a professional."



She plans on becoming a catering partner to local schools and clinics; promoting her brand of nutritious cooking; and starting a restaurant.

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